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Hot Display Unit
Doner - Shawarma - Gyros
Cookers - Stove
Warming Station
Deep Fat Fryer
Char Grill - Griddle
Churrasco Grill
Pizza oven - PIZZA KING
Small Pizza oven
Range 700
Lamp Vertical Grill
Pasta Cooker
Bain Marie
Combi Steamer
Convection Oven


NORTH CATERING EQUIPMENTS was founded in 1983. The location of the company is in Greece at the National Road Kilkis-Thessaloniki. The object of the company is Professional Catering Equipment such us: Pizza Ovens, Convection Ovens, and Combi Steamer. Restaurant Ovens, Doner, Hot Display Unit, Grill, Rotary Chicken Grill, Stove, Crepe, Cuzine, Fryer. The most of these products are manufactured by Gas & Electric function.

The modern establishment of the company (9280sqm) includes the Production Line (5380sqm.), Warehouse of components (1200sqm), Warehouse of ready products (1700sqm), Laboratory test control area (150sqm), Office (350sqm), Exhibition area (350sqm). With automatic cutting and bending machine, and by using high welding and finishing technology control system for good function of the products at the production line sector has as result the high quality of the products.

NORTH CATERING EQUIPMENTS has many partners in all over Greece area which they are more than 800 partners. Also the export activities are in European countries such as England, Deutschland, Portugal, Spain, France, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Albania, Belgium, Hungary, Austria and Russia. And in other countries such as Morocco, Korea, Israel, Canada, Georgia, Lithuania and Tunisia.

 The well know experience of the construction , the good character of the company and the high quality of the products have made NORTH CATERING EQUIPMENTS one of the most significant and rapid growing company.

All this years the target was and it will be the continuity grows of the quality stage of the products and satisfaction of his partners by using all the propriety conformities and working under the ISO9001 and CE regulation.

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