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North Catering Equipments with many year of construction experience in the field of cooking equipments can offer the NEW water gas or electric GRILLS. There are in many models counter top or with store cabinet & they produced in Line50, Line60 & Line 70.

The Gas model start from single and you can find it until triple. You have the possibility to have it with stainless steel griddle – smooth cooking surface or you can make combination. Under the stainless steel burner of the machine it is the water drawer where is collect all the grease so we have a nice and juice cooking type and we keep our machine very easy clean.

The Electric models start from single and you can find it until triple. In some models you have the possibility to use cast iron griddle – stainless steel griddle or cast iron smooth surface. Other models are having Heating Elements for griddle so you can cook directly to the heating elements. The water drawer is under the heating elements so as the gas models are in similar way of cooking. They are equipped with energy regulator to avoid the electric consumption.

A nice choice from North Catering Equipment.


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